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Importance Of Calcium Carbide In Metallurgy

Posted by Admin on November, 19, 2020

Calcium carbide has a wide usage in the industry. However, the usage varies depending on the grade of carbide. The grades of the carbide come from different reactivities of chemical substance itself. A Calcium Carbide Exporter Chhattisgarh will be able to tell you what kind of grade they have to offer to you. Different grades of carbide work diffidently, for example, calcium carbide powder is injected into molten iron to remove sulfur.

The Calcium Carbide Exporter from Chhattisgarh supplies carbide to the steel industry. Calcium carbide is slow reacting and that is the reason it an integral part of steel manufacturing industry. Calcium carbide reduces oxides from the iron and takes active part in steel production. Calcium carbide does not react fast, so even if the steel overflows it does not change the composition.

Usage of Calcium Carbide in Metallurgy
In metallurgy calcium carbide is very useful because it is a powerful chemical reducing agent. Moreover, it is an effective source of energy as well and that is the reason using carbide curtails costs. In the steel industry there is a huge demand for sulfur-free steel. In such scenario calcium carbide acts as a metal de-sulfurizer.

Apart from that, when calcium carbide comes in contact with oxides, together they produce heat in large capacity. In metallurgy heat is required because in the plant heat is retained during the entire process. So, using calcium carbide is a cost-effective option that improves productivity.

Chemical Application
In chemical industry calcium carbide plays a major role. In chemical industry calcium carbide is converted into Acetylene. It is a hydrocarbon that contains triple-bond carbon atoms. There is acetylene cylinder that is used for cutting and welding. The derivative of calcium carbide helps in production of calcium hydroxide.

Calcium carbide is a versatile substance that is directly used in several chemicals. The industry uses calcium carbide with acetylene. It acts as an intermediate substance and helps in producing several chemical derivatives. You will find the substances in several cosmetic products, anti-septic creams, toothpaste, etc.

Environmental Engineering
It is a vital thing in today’s scenario, and calcium carbide is a substance that takes active part in it. The co-product of acetylene can generate calcium hydroxide which helps to remove the stack gases from fossil fuel. So, the plants that are run by fossil fuel can be able to remove the toxic sulfur compound from the smoke. Sulfur is harmful for environment and preventing it is vital to promote environmental balance.

On the other hand, calcium carbide neutralizes the factory wastes. So, chemical industry can neutralizes the waste stream that is dropping the waste into sea. The by-product calcium hydroxide is used to spray on the farm land neutralize the soil to prevent acidity. So, it is evident that, from steel manufacturing to soil stabilization calcium carbide has a wide usage. You will get authentic substance from a reliable Calcium Carbide Exporter Chhattisgarh. A supplier can provide you with the grade that you require.

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