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Factors About Ground Clamps

Posted by Admin on August, 29, 2020

Ground clamps are a metal strip that is used for making an electrical connection with a ground. You will find many ground clamps exporter Chhattisgarh who will provide you with good quality clamps.

Ground clamps are extremely conductive. They are ideally used for grounding electrical current.

Why Are Ground Clamps Used?-

• In every building, home, and high-rise, electricity plays a substantial and vital role which we all have become used to. And definitely cannot live without.

• When you use electricity in your offices and homes through any wired means, these services mainly enter from underground. And we are all aware of the fact that all the electric systems should always be grounded due to safety measures.

• The requirement of these ground clamps is a life or death matter therefore you must rely on them solely. The essential connection should be always made to a grounding electrode or a ground clamp.

• Surely there are many more critical factors that one must consider when selecting material for a connector. Especially where the connection is buried literally in concrete or earth.

• The would which exists beneath our feet has more amount of chemical components than concrete or dirt.

• And it is always our decision as buyers to make decisions like which material will do it’s intended job finely and will also be long-lasting.

• Hence, you should choose a ground clamps exporter from Chhattisgarh who has a history of supplying the premium quality materials for maximising reliability and safety of these grounding systems.

Various Features Of Ground Clamps Are-

• The ground clamps are typically used for connecting, grounding conductor to a water pipe, copper tubing, ground rods etc.

• Choose a ground clamps exporter Chhattisgarh who will supply conductors that can handle ground wire of about any size and can be used for any application.

• God for a ground clamps exporter from Chhattisgarh who supplies materials along with sets of stainless steel screws.

• These ground clamps exporter Chhattisgarh supply a cast of high conductivity and high strength copper.

• Go for such ground clamps exporter from Chhattisgarh who is renowned for supplying ground clamps with maximum strength and connectivity along with the suitable ability to be directly buried in concrete and earth.

Requirements For Direct Burial Installations-

• Ground clamps which would be for direct burial installations they require to be the most anti-corrosive material.

• The major materials which were chosen were stainless steel and bronze. Time and again, bronze has been proven to be the best material for this.

• Although, this bronze works fine for both screws and ground clamp bodies. But now often the stainless steel bolts and screws are used along with the bronze clamps for saving cost.

• Bronze ground clamps work best for corrosion resistance. Therefore, choose a ground clamps exporter from Chhattisgarh who will supply electrical connectors that are safe and customers would be satisfied after using them.

Few Rules For Using Ground Clamps-

• Try to use a small scrap wood piece in between the clamp jaws for preventing any damage.

• Avoid straightening a ground clamp. It can result in damaging it.

• Try to use two clamps for preventing rotation.

These were the factors to keep in mind before using or buying any ground clamps.

Choose a ground clamps exporter from Chhattisgarh who is known for supplying good quality, premium materials.

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