Types Of Welding Procedures

Posted by Admin on April, 29, 2019

Welding is a special price of fabrication through which materials are joined with each other. Metals and thermoplastics are the most common materials which use the process of welding. In this process, heat is used to melt the ends of parts which are to be joined together and then they are allowed to cool down. This heating and cooling process leads to the fusion of both parts.

As per the welding machine supplier in Chhattisgarh, Welding is regarded as a very serious job because joining the pieces of metal or any such material together requires a lot of skill and expertise. There are various types of welding process which are commonly used in industries. A few of them can be described as:

The MIG welding

This method of welding is often regarded as the easiest type of welding which even the beginners can also learn. The prices of MIG welding can be described in two basic groups. Under the first type of MIG welding, bare wires are used for joining the metal pieces together whereas, under the second type, flux core is used for the same. Bare wire is usually used for joining the thin pieces of the metal together.

The process of welding using flux core is usually used outdoors as in this process does not require any kind of flow meter and gas supply for joining the parts with each other. The second type of MIG welding or the flux core welding process is generally undertaken by the DIY enthusiasts or the ones who do welding as a part of their hobby. It requires no expensive equipment for carrying out the process of welding.

The Stick Welding

This process of welding is also known as arc welding which makes use of old fashioned methods. In comparison to MIG Welding, the process of stick welding is quite difficult to master. However, if you have a basic idea of welding, you can actually pick up the equipment and get the stick welding done at your home itself. This process requires a special welding rod which is also known as the Stick Electrode. You can easily get good quality electrode rod for welding from the welding machine exporter from Chhattisgarh.

The TIG Welding

Regarded as the most versatile process of Welding, TIG Welding techniques are quite difficult to learn. Only skilled individuals own the capacity of undertaking this process with the utmost professionalism. In this process, two hands are required; one of the hands is used for feeding the rod whereas the other one is used for holding the TIG torch. The torch creates heat. This heat and the arc which is released by the torch is utilized for welding the metal pieces firmly. In this process, a proper welding machine is very important.

The Gas Welding

This welding process is used very rarely has is often considered as a part of the TIG Welding. For undertaking the process of gas welding, oxygen and acetylene need to be available. This process is sometimes used for welding the parts of the car exhaust in a proper manner.

These are the most common type of welding procedure which is used for joining the parts of metals and thermoplastics. Apart from the above-mentioned points, plasma arc welding and laser welding are also used at a number of welding units.

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